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MyBB+ offers custom plugin work, in addition to our high quality plugins.

Current plugins

Thread & Post Templates - This plugin allows you to make preset text templates for new threads and posts made by users. Quick reply compatible.

Miserable Member - This plugin makes it nearly impossible for users in a certain group to do anything on the forum. If you don't want to outright ban a user, you can use this plugin to make it such a big waste of their time to use the forum that they get fed up and leave on their own accord. Inspired by the vB plugin Miserable User.

Ban on Profile - displays the ban reason of a user on their profile.

Pokes - Facebook-like pokes for your forum

And, just released today:

Hide Forums - This plugin hides certain forums from showing on index/forumdisplay so they are only accessible by a direct link. The opportunities are endless for its use! Make an "inside" forum, extra security for staff forums, and more!

In the works

AJAX Auto thread updater
Minecraft login
Mass ignore

Nothing interest you?
MyBB+ is open for custom work as well; sign up and make a request! If you don't need it exclusively and we retain the copyright and distributed it on the site, you can get custom plugins dirt cheap!

Subscription Information

Currently one year of subscription, providing unlimited downloads and priority support, is just $10! Buy lifetime for just $25! You get many premium plugins and HQ support for less than the price of a custom plugin!

What are you waiting for? Visit today!
*dreamy sigh* Vouch times a thousand. I only have ONE criticism. It is going to be incredibly hard to choose between going to Pirata or Paul for custom stuff now. x_x

PS: Paul see my post on your site in the suggestions area.
nice website i guess it is an old idea but i really like the theme and everything in the site i think you will success of making this forum as a great mybb third party plugins good luck
This user has made me two custom plugins, and probably more in the near future. If you want a custom award buy from him, he is a great guy, and does a fantastic job!
I really wish you good luck!
Isn't the Hide Forums plugin part of the core? Toungue

Nonetheless, nice site! Toungue
You can get two of those plugins combined in XThreads just to let you know.
(09-11-2012, 12:07 AM)WebOutfit Wrote: [ -> ]Isn't the Hide Forums plugin part of the core? Toungue

Nonetheless, nice site! Toungue

No, it's not Toungue

(09-11-2012, 12:10 AM)MadComp Wrote: [ -> ]You can get two of those plugins combined in XThreads just to let you know.

Sometimes XThreads is either too much for what someones needs or too complicated to figure out. Those plugins provide an easy, simple alternative.
I think you need some more creative plugin ideas. I don't think the paid ones will make anyone jump unless their niche is related to that plugin but it seems unlikely to me though.

I would request some more user friendly, general based aka makes the HF members "jump" to buy a subscription.

I suggest:

See who rated a thread (click on thread ratings in post bit, only allow certain GID's)
Certain GID's can view members' given rep
Trash Can
Thank you for the suggestions Smile I'm working on making a wide variety of assorted plugins for users; I'm working on a larger one ATM as well.

The first has been done by Yaldaram, I'd hate to copy him.
I've done the second plugin for a client custom, and it would be a violation of professional courtesy to redo it and release it.
Trash can will be in 1.8 Smile
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