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Full Version: Tutorial: Adding Extra Function Buttons to the Editor.
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(2009-08-06, 02:13 PM)Walkman 5.0 Wrote: [ -> ]UP

please i need add the [marco=*] mycode

Pidelo en el area de request para que no desvies el tema.

Request it on the MyCode are for dont make spam Wink
no, I mean that I have mycode but I need to press it opens a pop-up where you have to write what goes after =
You can see this page ::

but because this site ( ) is closed, you must use Google Cache !!!
is this working with 1.4.8?
(2009-08-14, 03:36 PM)glas Wrote: [ -> ]is this working with 1.4.8?

Of Course.
yup it worked Big Grin
SpanishSadBump de nuevo necesito algun tuto aqui xD)
en mi editor.js no encuentro la frase editor.appendChild(toolbar2);

ya prove todo y no sirve, al contrario me quita todas las opciones del editor
Busca en todo el post que ahi esta la ayuda.

Search in All the thread, there is what you need.
glas tu hablas español dime si te funciono el tuto de y dime si me puedes aydar xD No Encuentro El Traductor de a Español
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