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I've just installed myBB and all my post said was undefined, I've tried with mozilla, chrome, IE and my mobile phone, no result.

I've searched but couldn't find a solution.

You have not posted yest anything. Please post something so that we can check the issue. Also if possible provide a testing user id and password.
give me a test account
or just sign up
Just registered:
Username: TestAccount
Password: Testingtheforums
Damn can't post
Sorry. Cant do that. If possible give me a test account created by yourself.
Hmm. There are some coding issue in your backend code. That is why it is unable to get the posts you are writing.

need to check your backend code.

try to delete the google analytics.js and try to add <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
in your headerinclude
Look I think this is a java script issue. Cause if you check properly, Not only the undefined issue, also your rich text editor is not working. I will suggest you to remove the javascripts which are added by you manually after installing. I'm pretty much sure that this problem is causing for some javascripts.
Check it and reply.
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