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Full Version: Themes Update
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Do you have any themes that you wants to upgrade it to MyBB 1.2?

My exams are over, I can afford to do it, so list them down! Please also include a link to the theme.

I can't confirm 100% that I will convert every 1 of them. Wink

Skins getting updated
Please, Update the Michael83's Orange-Ice.

If you do it, I will be the happiest man.

Thanx !!!
yes, the xbox theme from gusto5:
x2 for daj glass
DAJ Glass - updated

I am not sure if I am allowed to release it yet because I have yet gotten permission from gusto5.
I hope he approves.
Waiting desperately for DAJ Glass
Ok, thanx.

And what about Orange-Ice???

well didn't he(gusto) port it from somebody else anyways? so is it even his say?
Yes it was ported from phpbb.

The original author is Dustin Baccetti
DAJ Glass for MyBB 1.2
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