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Full Version: When Posting, See blank screen
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In the last hour or so, for no reason I can readily see, whenever I or anyone on my board goes to post, all that's returned is a white screen after some delay.

/newreply.php?tid=265&processed=1 is what I get back.

I wasn't really monkeying with the board before this happened, other than I enabled some custom template prefixes for some forums with the xthreads mod. Ideas? Help?

Things still post, they just...freeze and don't route you back.

I'm not sure if this is related or not, but in-line mod tools aren't working, in that if I select threads or replies to delete, it doesn't register as having any selected.

also, if it helps, the board is:

and finally, it seems to be quick reply that's causing the problems. I just went through and worked on validating my page and there is no difference between showthread and newreply now. but yet newreply works while quick reply does not.
1. What plugins are you using?
2. Can you provide me with a test account?
3. Go to ACP>Tools & Maintenance>Find updated templates.
1. A lot. But none were installed fresh/new today.
* Reputation Given
* Subscriber Users
* Account Switcher
* Are you back?
* Custom Status
* Pick Group on Registration
* It's my birthday!
* LockOldThreads
* Mark Edited as Unread/Edit Reason
* Master Favorite Posts
* Mods Cant Edit Admins Posts
* Moderation Notice
* MyTheme
* myUserTitle Plugin
* Private Messages Editor
* PM on Reputation
* Posts Expire/Closing Threads
* Post Statistics
* Post Via Email
* Quick Reply PM
* Quote Notice
* reCAPTCHA Plugin
* Registration Security Question
* Reputation in Memberlist
* Report PMs
* Report Reputation
* Report to Thread
* Require Thread Prefixes
* Style Usernames
* Tagging Plugin
* Thank You/Like System
* Thanks for th ereport
* Top Referrer
* Undo Thread Rating
* View Groups
* Welcome PM/Email
* While you were typing

2. user: testing; password: tester

3. I don't see "Find updated templates" under tools & maintenance
Oh my bad, I think it's in Templates & Styles.


I just created a new thread without any problems. Is it happening is posts, threads only or both?
according to that my templates are all up to date.

i edited this into my op just before you replied.

it appears to be happening in quick reply.
Reupload the newreply.php file.
but it's not newreply that's the issue. it's showthread for quick replies.
Don't worry, give it a try. Also, are you using friendly redirect pages? Ex. Thanks, your reply has been posted, etc.
k will do. Smile

and i have that setting turned off.
though at some point yesterday it was randomly turning on for some users.

and reuploaded newreply.php

no change
Is it turned off via ACP or through UserCP?

Can you also try reuploading a fresh copy of inc/functions.php from a fresh MyBB download?

Also, what browser and operating system do you have?


If the above doesn't work, try disabling all plugins via configuration>settings and check does it work or still have the white screen?
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