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Full Version: Roadmap / Implemented Features
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is there something like a roadmap for the 1.8 version of MyBB?
I mean, an overview with all the features / changes that will be made or are planned in 1.8.

I found this site:, but the newest version on this site is 1.6.9
There is no public roadmap that I know of. You can check the open issues to see some of what we plan to implement/change though.
I see...
My problem is, that i'm working at the moment on a new theme and some plugins for my forum and therefore it would be good to know what changes will happen in the new version.

Thanks anyway.
There are sure to be a fair few - especially template changes to get jQuery working correctly.
We'll be providing a list of changes/features when 1.8 starts the beta process.
just a simple list of one liner, goals, Not bug fixes.
new features, major minimum features, added or total writes.?
sorry if too busy pounding code, I feel your pain.
I brought this up internally recently and we're having a bit of a re-think of the way we handle development.
More info for 1.8 will be announced this week.
(2013-02-01, 01:48 AM)Nathan Wrote: [ -> ]New theme, CSS3 buttons, PNG images, sprites, new smilies, new post icons, jQuery, a new editor, relative time, Report Center, Spam Center, a new ACP theme, improved security and performance, APC cache handler, login data handler, improved news feed and update notifications, IPv6 support, attachable base colors, an inbuilt contact form, ability to view IP addresses in PMs, a login handler for better integration, a soft delete feature, new syntax highlighter to replace CodePress, stylesheet minification, users cannot rate their own threads, ability to preview announcements before posting them, improved number formatting in places, ability to specify allowed avatar extensions, default avatar for those who don't already have one, Gravatar replaces the Avatar Gallery, ACP now shows active/inactive plugins in groups, ability to load stylesheets in certain orders, and much, much more.
(2013-04-21, 08:33 PM)Tomm M Wrote: [ -> ]More info for 1.8 will be announced this week.

* Josh H. watches the MyBB blog
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