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Full Version: Private messages are disabled...?
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on my forum I have Private messaging enabled but it's disabled in members profile. How can I fix this? Thanks for any help!


Profile Where it's Blank:
check whether below code exists in member_profile template
<td class="{$bgcolors['pm']}"><strong>{$lang->pm}</strong></td>
<td class="{$bgcolors['pm']}"><a href="private.php?action=send&amp;uid={$memprofile['uid']}">{$lang->send_pm}</a></td>
if it does not then you can add it after any of </tr> code
Each user has a setting in their options: "Receive private messages from other users."
Maybe they have it disabled.
All of the code is there. All older members are showing like above....

When new members join it shows.
you can run below SQL query through phpMyAdmin
UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `receivepms`=1 WHERE `receivepms` =0
That fixed it! Thanks so much .m.
Note that if the user disables PM again, their link will disappear.
Thanks for the sql query .m. fixed the same problem for me.

However all my new registrations are being set as NO and i need it to be Yes.

Any ideas on how to fix?
^ you can try SQL query like below
ALTER TABLE `mybb_users` CHANGE `receivepms` `receivepms` INT  NOT NULL DEFAULT 1
Cheers buddy, prompt as always Big Grin
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