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Full Version: Relative time module
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Hi guys . I would like to ask if you can maybe add a relative time module to mybb, like ( 2 minutes ago; 6 hours ago; 9 days ago) . Will it be hard to include such a script into mybb core ?
a plugin is available here as a part of MyNetwork system
Thank you .m. . This will work nicely .
MyBB 1.8 supports fuzzy relative time. If the content was posted up to an hour ago, it will tell you x minutes ago. Content posted within 24 hours but more than an hour ago will show 'Today'. Content up to 48 hours will show 'Yesterday'.
Thats great news Tommy M . It will be awesome to have it in the mybb core instead of a plugin . I will love this fuzzy relative time in 1.8 . Thank you .
(2013-04-25, 08:04 AM)Tomm M Wrote: [ -> ]Content up to 48 hours will show 'Yesterday'.

Same as 1.6
I think topic was about relative time all the time (2 minutes ago; 6 hours ago; 9 days ago) or a week for example.
(2013-04-27, 07:14 AM)Maj Wrote: [ -> ](2 minutes ago; 6 hours ago; 9 days ago)
That's not suitable for most places due to the limited space.
I decided to implement a system that was relative to the content. If it states 9 days ago - when, 9 days ago? Morning, afternoon?

The idea is we make the time human friendly, not confuse people even more.
I suggest to add this feature as option, so admin (and users via UCP) can decide what is best for him.
Relative time is popular thing. But some people love it, some hate it.

Example of relative time on thread list:
We won't be adding that functionality into the core.
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