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There should be an identification like "Denied Support" for these kind of users.
There are bunch of users like this messing with the valuable times of designers and coders. They even place paid orders and never come back. Atleast the great designers and coders of the community can identify some of them and avoid wasting time.
This is why I never do work without a large percent of payment first Wink
Yeah, tbh with all the "This is what you get" comments, and nothing being done about it, it just encourages others to follow the leader imo.
Raising this internally, to discuss this or such things in future.
As per our R/S/J rules:
Quote:Advertising the following is explicitly prohibited:
  • ...
  • Competitions or raffles, though you may advertise these through your showcase thread

This thread shouldn't really have been allowed in the first place so it's unfortunate how things turned out.
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