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Full Version: Is there any way I can add pictures from a mobile device?
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I'm trying to add an attachment and the page simply refreshes when I click "add attachment", I want to add an image from my folders, is that possible?
are you using gomobile theme (github link) ? IIRC, it has attachments facility.
(05-24-2013, 12:38 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]are you using gomobile theme (github link) ? IIRC, it has attachments facility.

I can't figure out how to install it, can you give me some hints on that please?
upload file in the root of your website.

sample: http://your forum. com or http://your site/your

and look at the plugin and install GOMOBILE

to see it you can use hp or tablet.

This theme automatically. if using hp or tablet then it will automatically use the mobile version of the theme
edit: delayed response - can be ignored.

^ if you have downloaded it from GitHub (download link), it consists of Upload folder. open that upload
folder and transfer the contents to your MyBB files server (drag and drop if you use ftp).
navigate to plugins page on admin panel. install and activate MyBB GoMobile.
after installation and activation, GoMobile Settings are available at settings page on admin panel.
Is the attachments set up in MyBB mobile any different to MyBB stock?
I'm stepping out on a limb here, but I am fairly certain that most mobile phones will not be able to use the attachment system. Well, actually I am not because I have an iPhone and it can't so I doubt anything less (and aren't they all :p ) can do it Big Grin

Seriously though, I tell my mobile users to get an app for uploading to PhotoBucket or something and they (and I as well because I am on my phone a lot surfing) deal with it that way.

Maybe I am wrong though.
hi wildcard.

I have a nokia phone but I have opera. it's better. Big Grin
and I would suggest to use flickr because flickr has a shelf life that much more crazy. 1Terabite. and that more than anything. Big Grin
Opera is a great browser, I will give you that-- but I will stick with the iPhone Wink
I think the iphone is more powerful than opera, but apparently not. Big Grin Toungue

why is everyone so crazy about the iphone. I also do not know. I see my old nokia cooler than iphone.

just because operamini. this is really awesome. hahahha
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