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Full Version: Can't see attachments
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Hi, since a few weeks, without any change to the environment the attachments suddenly stopped showing. I checked on the server and permissions and free space are just fine. I also disabled google pagespeed but still nothing.

The images on the serve are valid, they are on the attachments table, but they are not shown correctly. I have now thousand of posts without the images.

Please someone could give me some help please?

An example that should be working:

Forum url:
please do not post a new thread for earlier posted issue (Attachment images aren't shown)
Here you can see the direct url to the attachment (directly to the .attach file), which works:

And here using the attachment.php, which doesn't work:

Sorry .m., but I am really desperate, my 1/2 million views/month forum has all attachments broken and I don't know what to do :/
Do you use Tapatalk? Try uninstalling it and uploading image. If still nothing, try disabling all plugins in Settings -> General Configuration (set to yes) and uploading again.
Hi @Destroy666: no don't use Tapatalk.
The images are uploaded fine, I tested the file on the server and it can be viewed normally when I download via ftp.

Is there some way for mybb to link to attachments directly bypassing attachment.php?

Stil haven't been able to fix this. Could some developer have a look at my install? I'm willing to pay for this.
Would anyone help in exchange for some paypal donation?
^ PM sent (though I wish that someone from support staff or D666 could offer direct help)
(2013-07-01, 04:35 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]^ PM sent (though I wish that someone from support staff or D666 could offer direct help)

Thanks .m., I replied your PM.
the issue is due to using of a unicode language (Portuguese) for the front end of forum.
unable to trace the exact cause but switching to English language appears to be fixing
the issue. (removing or renaming inc/languages/portuguese.php file may be required)

updating Portuguese language files to the latest available version (1608) not solved it.
I've also tested it on local test board and I was able to reproduce this attachments issue.
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