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Full Version: New theme Web 2.0 colors
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Well for that HYIP client I started over.  I think this one is pretty good but of course any comments from you guys is appreciated.
Wow nice one you got there, love the colours too........ Smile
VERY nice theme, labrocca!!! Big Grin

How do you make your buttons so fast???
I make my buttons from my own GDK I created. I found the one provided by mybb was inadequate for my needs. Maybe I will share it. It's a layered PNG.

Thanks for the comments. I feel pretty happy about the theme as well but we shall see how the client feels. I may have to start over yet again.
PLEASE share! It takes me like two or three hours to create an entire button set! Maybe I can figure out (from your GDK) how to make my own!

Gee, your client SHOULD feel fine with that theme, it's beautiful!! Big Grin
In my opinion, the "page container blue" (the lighter blue than the page background) doesn't fit in with the rest of the colors. Otherwise, quite a cool theme.
seems a nice theme.

it doesn't seem very web 2.0 to me tho.
tyros8000 Wrote:seems a nice theme.

it doesn't seem very web 2.0 to me tho. Smile
nice theme, but bgcolor does not fit
The colors are "2.0", but the theme isn't. I thought rounded corners are strongly suggested for "web 2.0" design. Plus it's all about a clean, fresh look. Very zen, so to speak. A blue background isn't calming to the eye.

Here are some good examples:
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