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Full Version: taking too much server resources
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I noticed that my site is taking almost 100 percent CPU resources, i do not have spam account. I do have installed register time and spamalyser pluggin installed. why is that so? it just few days i started mybb on my domain.
can you enlist the active plugins of your forum
Automatic Subscriptions -Uninstalled
Board Messages
Checkbox Validation - Uninstalled
Date of Birth on Registration
Google SEO
MentionMe (
My Advertisements
Moderation Alerts Pack
Plugins Alerts Pack
Register Time
Stop Forum Spam
Try turning off Akismet.
Didnt work out.
Can you be a bit more specific re "did not work out?"

It may be fashionable to be laconic but it does not help when we are trying to give you support.
I mean Removing Akismet did not help in correcting CPU usage. What i noticed that my own ip was visiting my site and might be causing trouble in CPU resource. I have notified my webhost for that.

Thanks for your support, this is the reason what kept my forum alive, otherwise i do not know anything about forum management or code changes which you people help to work forum better. I did not mean to be rude on that, i was just trying to say, removal of akismet did not help.
^ there is some unusual activity - bots can be a cause - we can't guess without investigating thoroughly
@.m., Yeah you are right. But as i do not know anything about coding or like. I informed my webhost about it and let's see what they have to say about it. They said they need time to figure out whats is the reason and will surely correct it out.
On Mention Me - do you have advanced matching turned off? It can cause high server load if you have it switched on by default.
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