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Full Version: Laravel 4 integration
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So I'm making a new site using laravel 4, and I'm wondering how I should begin integrating MyBB profiles and login to the laravel site. Essentially I just want a site wide account.

- find something that has already been integrated with Laravel. Then replace that 'something' with mybb.
- or make your own forum in Laravel Smile
I was considering making my own forum in laravel, but I really like MyBB ^_^
IIRC, there's a package to integrate vBulleting and Laravel 4. With a little reverse engineering, it could probably work with MyBB no problem...
Got a link or that? Smile
There are many users here trying Laravel 4. (I am trying it for a month now Smile) I think it's possible to find people to try something and learn in the process...

a. I think common login is the biggest integration task, and it isn't trivial.
b. You could, in L4, make a home page with a link "Forum" and then try to make them look similar (theme integration).
c. Your L4 could read/present on your home page, recent comments and threads. For that, L4 will need config info from mybb transferred to its config files. It's possible to use two databases or L4 could add its data to mybb database.
Well, if I manage the integration as a bundle ill release it here. I'm not sure as to whether to use mybb's user table or Laravels. I was thinking of using Laravels actually.
(2013-07-15, 06:59 PM)Tom K. Wrote: [ -> ]Got a link or that? Smile

Of course Wink
(2013-07-15, 07:31 PM)Euan T Wrote: [ -> ]
(2013-07-15, 06:59 PM)Tom K. Wrote: [ -> ]Got a link or that? Smile

Of course Wink

I might take a look into creating the same for laravel. laravel-myauth.
Looks interesting, I'm going for the other way around Smile
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