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Full Version: help me please!
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i install new theme,and all icon in images folder don't display
the link
it mus be
how to change,thanks
Hmm. Just a guess, maybe the image directory url is incorrect?

ACP > Themes > Modify / Delete > *Theme Name* > Go

What is the "Image Directory" set to?
i have tried that .the image directory is xmass.but links only go wrong in all subfolders of xmass folder like english,icons,smiles,toplinks....etc..
any ideas
any help please!!
Not sure if you fully understood Christian, his idea should have worked. Please make re-check your "Image Directory".
It should look something like this for you...
Smile Hope this helps.
oh u don't understand me
in the folder xmass there's some image files,and some subfolders (toplinks,english...)which have some image files inside..
i set image directory images/xmass ... i can view image files in xmass folder but all links to images in sub folders go wrong.i can't see image but i can righ click to see the link
the link
it mus be
follow u i set image directory images/xmass/english can see all pics in this folder except others?
i think it is theme's problem,any ideas
any idea plz help !