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Full Version: Sublime Mybb Template Editor
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Hello everybody,
i made a small sublime text 3 plugin and i decided to share it with you guys Smile.
You can find the plugin on github or install it from package control

What do you think about it ?
can we have usage instructions and details in text please - you may like to add wiki page on the GitHub
This is awesome. Great work! I'm sure theme designers will love you for this. Toungue

I'll try this and see if I can contribute some documentation.
Nice idea, looks like a fairly solid implementation too. Nice work.
Great work! I'm sure as Fabio said, many designers will love you for this. Smile
Looks great. ^.^ Too bad I'm not a Sublime Text 3 owner. :3 And that it doesn't edit CSS (I don't think?).

Anyways I look forward to this growing. Smile Maybe someone will port it for Brackets users like myself.
Thank you, this is an awesome plugin for my favourite editor Big Grin I'm searching for a plugin like this by 1 month. Thank you very much Toungue

An off topic question: What is the sublime text theme in the video?
@Eric: yes it does handle CSS Toungue And this looks really cool! Nice work ionutvmi!
Ditto to Eric, an addon for Brackets would be awesome ...
This is a great work but I'm not ready to pay for Sublime when I have clean powerful open source Brackets.

Though it is a marvelous development. Congratz ionutvmi Big Grin
^ just a note: sublime editor is available for free - of course, it might often remind (annoy) to buy!
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