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Full Version: Intox Fusion v2 - Premium MyBB Theme from MyBB Web Design
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Hey everyone.

We are pleased to announce that we have completely revamped our Intox Fusion theme for MyBB 1.6. The theme has been re-coded from scratch, with a cleaner layout and more features.

Welcome to Intox Fusion - A premium forum theme designed by MyBB Web Design for websites running the MyBB forum software. Intox Fusion is a clean and modern theme suitable for any niche, packed with many features and customizations. The theme is cleanly coded using the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 standards with plenty of subtle Javascript effects. This theme has 112 edited templates, with a custom user profile page, custom postbit, custom register page, and many more custom pages!


• Font Awesome Icons
• Google Fonts
• Cross Browser Compatibility
• Over 100 Modified Templates
• Over 1,000 Lines of Custom CSS
• HTML Logo
• CSS 3 User Panel
• Javascript Features

Click Here - For more information, screenshots, live demo, purchase link and link to documentation.

Login information for demo forum:

Username: Demo
Password: password

Cost: $19.95 $9.95 - For the next 7 days this theme is half price! Sale ends Wednesday September 4th, so grab it whilst you can!
Looks great ESR. Keep them coming. ^.^
Great design ESR. Found a little bug.

The scroll top top button at bottom is half outside the footer when we scroll to the very end. You should set bottom: 10px instead of 30px for .scroll-top to get it right. Smile
Good work on the theme, it looks clean.
Glad you made a flat design, good luck with your sales.
Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

The theme has been updated to version 2.1, no major changes just a few template and CSS edits, thanks Kavin for the reccomendation, the scroll top button is now positioned better Smile
Theme looks great mate. Hope I could get a copy of it. Good job, looks better than the old intox.
i am using that theme for my gaming community project @ and i love it
specially with awesomefont script Big Grin love it !

Glad you like the theme cookiemonster Smile Thanks for your support!

To everyone else - the sale price of $9.95 ends TODAY! Tomorrow the price will return to $19.95, so get it now whilst it's cheap!
Looks great but there seems to be a bug or at least something that I would consider removing - on the index page if you're not logged in it shows "log out" on the bottom.

Not really a big deal but it is a bit pointless.
you can easily remove this, if you know how mybb works ;P
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