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Full Version: Probably the 1mil time 'Good Job'
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hey guys, like the subject says, 'probably the 1 millionth time good job'. but in all honesty, i really want to say good job. i love the way this site is setup, love the way that there is a _decent_ competitor now to phpbb. [cough, cough Wink]

again, i know this probally the millionth time but really guys, good job. also, soon as my financial situation gets a little better [prob near end of february i _just may_ give a lil' donation.] Cool Big Grin

[cough, cough] as long as you change at least these 2 smilies Rolleyes Shy geesh lol Smile

again, great product & great service,
Yeah these guys are brilliant! and this is message would of been best to be posted in the Chat forum.
Actually, it should go in Forum & Website, since thats what your'e talking about Smile
Bah, i'm sorry :/

I'm just so used to posting in 'general' forums or the first one i see. i'll make sure not to do again. Wink
no biggie. A mod can move it really easily and fast (Wink another great feature)
Thanks for the kind comments. Smile
Yeh I find its a great package too Smile Looks like Invision, the control panel is a bit like vBulletin, so its a good mix of the two.