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Full Version: installation?
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can u guys check and tell why my test forums is doing this?

1.8 running
It's a known bug when the theme cache isn't writable. Chmod ./cache/themes/* to 777.
ooh i see there is no theme in it i will try to upload 1 then check

btw cant login for adding theme

it stays on same page after reloading
Do you mean to say after you log in to your ACP, the page keeps loading but nothing happens and when you refresh, you are back at the log in page?
yes! sir
Quote:ooh i see there is no theme in it i will try to upload 1 then check

That won't work unless you fix the issue. The $stylesheets variable will always be empty unless the directory is writable.
Yeah I made it writable but still get samw problem

any help please? i cant login anywhere when i do it just redirect me to successfully login page then again page with option for register and login not logged in.

waiting for the reply iam too excited to see the beta version let me knw how to fix this please

Help please?
still no reply?
admin panel >> themes >> default >> global.css --> click on save changes without entering anything
visit the URL in your browser - press CTRL + F5 - does it work
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