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Full Version: Favicon
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I think it's about time MyBB (forums, website and Wiki) got a favicon added.
Most of the time I have many tabs open from lots of different websites and it would make it a lot easier for me to notice which tab belonged to what site. I'm sure others will agree. Smile

Double agreed. Anyone want to make a Favicon?
Smile I had the same idea except with a border Smile
I've implemented one.

Can you put it on the community forums too? Smile
Clear your cache, it already is.
You can slap me now
Oh jeez....I beg for one and get nothing and this guy comes in and 2 posts later gets results. Am I that despised? Oh least there finally is one.

Thanks I can find MYBB pages that are open in tabs much faster. I must admit though I don't like it with the border.
Chris just found himself with some free time Wink

(imo me doesn't like it with border either)
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