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Full Version: Our freshly installed forums are loading pages rather slow
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What's odd is that it's a fresh install on a fresh OS too.

Any idea where to troubleshoot?

New installation of 1.6.14
What does the debug info in the footer say in regards to the MySQL/PHP execution times?
Generated in 1.0259998 seconds (1.27% PHP / 98.73% MySQL)
SQL Queries: 18 / Global Parsing Time: 1.0119998 / Memory Usage: 3.5 MB
PHP version: 5.5.11 / Server Load: Unknown / GZip Compression: Enabled
Something is definitely up with your SQL. If you click on the advanced details, you'll get a list of each query. Go to that and see which ones are taking the longest and post that here.
The "Query Time" on all of them is 0 except for this one;

#9 - Select Query
SELECT s.sid, s.ip, s.uid, s.time, s.location, s.location1, u.username, u.invisible, u.usergroup, u.displaygroup FROM mybb_sessions s LEFT JOIN mybb_users u ON (s.uid=u.uid) WHERE s.time>'1404481724' ORDER BY u.username ASC, s.time DESC
table type possible_keys key key_len ref rows Extra
s range time time 8 32 Using where; Using temporary; Using filesort
u eq_ref PRIMARY PRIMARY 4 forum.s.uid 1
Query Time: 0.015600204467773
First go to PHPMyAdmin. Once there, run this query:
OPTIMIZE TABLE `mybb_sessions`

After that, run these queries:
ALTER TABLE `mybb_sessions` ENGINE=Innodb;
ALTER TABLE `mybb_users` ENGINE=Innodb;

By converting those tables to Innodb, it can lock the tables on a row level instead of the whole table whenever it needs to do an update query. For bigger forums this can work well.
Any risk/dangers of doing that whether in short or long term?
No. That just changes it from the MyISAM storage Engine to Innodb which is much better for applications that doing a lot of updating and inserting to tables.
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you may have bad server configuration. move to others.
yoru forum statistik is small, may I know your plugin?
Move to another WebHosting provider or use VPS!
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