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Full Version: Soft delete setting
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sorry to bump old post, but after normal user deletes the post we(admin/staff) cannot see the deleted post for restoring, is this a bug?

Setting is set to default YES :

Enable Soft Delete for Users
If enabled, posts and threads deleted by users will be hidden and can be restored by moderators. Otherwise, these posts and threads will be deleted permanently.

But when i log in as admin or staff i cannot see the deleted post by user in specific thread, bug!

Using MyBB Latest 1.8.7
Any input on this specific issue / bug ! GitHub reporistry seem's to be marked as 'fix' but still it wont allow soft delete
There has never been an issue, that soft delete is not working, this issue is related to phrase in the language files. Furthermore this is a resolved issue.
Most probably you are better off in the support section, because the problem seems to be limited to your forum.
But see what it says "If enabled, posts and threads deleted by users will be hidden and can be restored by moderators."

I'm running latest MyBB..
I know how the feature is supposed to work and it works like this on my testboard running the latest version. Most probably it is working like this on most of the forums, because there are no reports, that soft delete is not working. Therefore this seems to be an individual issue on your forum --> The support section is the right one.
Furthermore the issue in this thread has nothing to do with the issue you have. So this is, in more than one way, the absolute wrong thread for your problem.
Indeed, this issue is resolved and there's nothing to discuss here, so closing.
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