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Full Version: Upgrade 1.6.x into beta 3
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After upgrade testing forum from version 1.6.x into beta 3(mybb 1.8) i had a blank white page with http 500 request when i login into ACP.
Idk what's happen, but when i tested first beta all was been ok.
Can you check your server error log?
[27-Aug-2014 16:33:04 Europe/Warsaw] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method pluginSystem::run_hooks_by_ref() in /home/conquer/public_html/forum/admin/modules/games/module_meta.php on line 50
[27-Aug-2014 16:33:04 Europe/Warsaw] PHP Stack trace:
[27-Aug-2014 16:33:04 Europe/Warsaw] PHP   1. {main}() /home/conquer/public_html/forum/admin/index.php:0
[27-Aug-2014 16:33:04 Europe/Warsaw] PHP   2. games_meta() /home/conquer/public_html/forum/admin/index.php:545

Thanks i fixed it, old plugin games not work correctly with this version MyBB.
Ah, the pluginSystem::run_hooks_by_ref() method has been deprecated for a while and was finally removed in MyBB 1.8. Plugin authors need to update their plugins.
Anyway, shouldn't we stop plugins from loading in the installer? They're bound to cause issues if administrators leave them activated.
This issue is being reported in the ACP, not the installer. Plugins should be disabled there if not already.
It will be good to disable custom modules for ACP plugins.
Oops, missed that. Please excuse my incompetence. Toungue
We advice people to deactivate plugins before upgrades...
Deactivate plugins not resolve this problem. Only delete from admin/modules can resolve it.
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