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Full Version: Register 1.8
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Problem is
Registration on IE11

[Image: di-BCC4.jpg]

On Chrome is OK, problem on IE 11
what exactly is the issue - is this related => cannot register ...
What do you mean by 1.6.8?
Sorry v1.8
So what is the problem?
The username field seems to be working correctly for me in Internet Explorer 11 (and Chrome 36)...
This can Microsoft  Huh


IE 11
[Image: 3786558300_1409241399.gif]

Chrome OK
[Image: 4906860200_1409241934.gif]

I guess the problem lies with the MICROSOFT
Looks like a IE compatibility bug, yes.
(2014-08-28, 04:15 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like a IE compatibility bug, yes.

Should be fixed though. A lot of people use IE11 and not being able to register (or being tricked into thinking one is not able to register) is a critical bug in my opinion.
The thing is, we're using a jQuery plugin for auto complete. We didn't code it :/
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