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Full Version: ToolTipText...?
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I suggest that in MyBB Gold you have a tooltiptext thing for post buttons, like bold, italics, etc. so that new users would know which button is which.

Just my suggestion.
Isn't there such a thing already?

[Image: attachment.php?aid=567]
It don't have that show for me in FireFox! :-(

How are you getting the yellow box to show up!?

Is the board using the title attributes in the anchor/button tag(s) ie:
<a href="" title="Click to goto">Google</a>

As when you hover over that link Click to goto will show up. I'm not getting anything on hover when I hover over any of the links/buttons.
Indeed, it does not show for me either. Im using firefox in linux.
The reason for this is because at the moment it uses alt="" tags, I will get it changed to use title="" tags.

I use FireFox as well x_X

so title tags work with all browsers? Or if it doesn't, you can always do:

<img src="eg.gif" alt="tooltiptext" title="tooltiptext">

Which I think should work
Yes title should work in all tags!

Try ths out in IE and FireFox:

<a href="" title="Google">GOOGLE</a><br>
<a href="" alt="google">GOOGLE</a><br><br>

<form action="">
  <input type="button" title="Click for BOLD text" value="B">

In FF you'll see the top link will show the little yellow line on hover and same to button too, but the secound link for google doesn't show it on hover nor in IE!, So title tags will do the trick! :-).
Firefox uses the "Alt" tag as it was meant to be used - as an alternative text if the image doesn't load, not as mouse-over text. Title tags should do just fine.