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Full Version: [Help] Can't registration after upgrade to 1.8.0
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I just upgrade to 1.8.0 from 1.6.13 not error, but after upgrade  don't registration new member. When registration, it an error:A strange error appeared. I disabled all my plugins before upgrading. Help me! Thank you all!
what exactly is the error ? give your forum url so that someone can check it ..
thats it:
"you are spam and you cant register"
it happens to me too
Quote:give your forum url so that someone can check it ..

it is in persian language
you can change it in footer
^ do you have akismet plugin activated ? can you disable it and check ..

another method to solve it
Quote:AdminCP => Configuration => Login and Registration Options => Display a hidden CAPTCHA => set to No and check
akismet is not available for 1.8
it was disable from the first
it is not just a problem
it seems ajax is not working for me
for example. "advanced quick reply" .or "thank plugin" is not ajax

security question is activated but doesnt show in registration .
thats another .....
^ are you using 1.8 version theme or 1.6 version theme ?
if it is 1.6 version theme then have you updated templates & theme style sheets ?
Please revert your template "member_register". It is likely outdated.
when i was updating from 1.6.15 to 1.8
it has been done in the procces of updating
should i do it again?
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