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Full Version: Upgrade 1.6 -> 1.8 css3.css not inserted
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css3.css was not inserted into themes after updating from 1.6.15. I had to insert it by hand.
After the 1.6.15 upgrade css3.css and thread_status.css did not exist.

[Image: 290q3ko.png]
thread_status.css was there. Only css3.css was missing.
There may be issues with the disorder, normally they should appear after you added an empty stylesheet.
(2014-09-09, 09:35 AM)Jones H Wrote: [ -> ]normally they should appear after you added an empty stylesheet.

Thats right, thanks.
Yeah I confirm it too. Talked about it here:
This is a common issue that generates a lot of support threads so I think it should be solved by the upgrade script somehow. Having to save the stylesheets or add a new one to fix it is not what people would expect.
The upgrade script isn't that easy to fix - I wasn't able to reproduce it and the upgrade script has already a part where the disporder is set, which should work without problems when looking through the code but apparently it doesn't.
I have the css3.css but I am missing all the color_abcd.css files

While we can confirm this I'm not sure whether we can really fix this. I have a code which rebuilds the complete display order and recaches all stylesheets which fixes this issue but a similar code already is included in the upgrade script. However if we want to fix this we should do so before 1.6 reaches it's EOL (best would be 1.8.6)
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