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Full Version: The specified thread does not exist
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hello friends.

since yesterday I have a problem, registered users can create topics, but the replies gives this error "The specified thread does not exist" with other groups who are moderators, no problems, are only registered, dont know if is some plugin, but the problem started yesterday morning, from tapatalk no problems, only from the web.
Are there any plugins that you have installed since yesterday morning?

Show Additional Group Images (1.2)
Administrador de Mood (1.0)
Style Usernames (MyBB 1.6) (1.0.0)
I'm assuming you're using 1.8?

You can always try disabling them one by one to see if one of the plugins you've recently installed is causing the issue.
yes 1.8, I did one by one, differences of hours, but from one moment to another gave me that error, what can be? i disable and checked plugin one by one and nothing.
Is this a problem that is occurring in all boards of your installation? Is there anything else in particular that you can think of that has been changed (themes, etc)?
just plugin, i dont modified themes or other stuff, in last time, is in the web the problem, tapatalk work fine, no problems there.

I tried changing the user group, and even creating a new user and gives the same problem, just super moderators may post replies ... someone who knows it might be?

Have something to do with the spammer options because clear all?
Well, the Tapatalk plugin may be the actual problem. Which version of Tapatalk are you using?
Disable all the plugins once to see that if they are making problem.

Also disable plugins you don't need.
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