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Full Version: troubles when importing BBFlux with sqlite database
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Hello !

1 / first : sorry for my english spoken ... I'm french Undecided

2 / general question : Why merge system only knows "SQLITE 3" version of dataBase from BBFlux (all versions of BBFlux are only SQLITE 2 and it's the mean reason I try to convert my BBFlux forum to a new myBB forum Huh

3 / my trouble :

before trying on my server, I try on my PC with uWamp server (dbhost = localhost).
After converting my old sqlite 2 database to an sqlite 3 database Angel , I've download Merge system. I've copy the directory 'merge' under my myBB forum : so, the organization is this :

uWamp/www/myBB_1.8 <-- wich works fine (I can admin without trouble)
and :

uWamp/www/myBB_1.8/merge (with index.php, license.txt, loginconvert.php ... and the directories /boards, /images, /langages etc )

my new/old sqlite file is located here : c:\tmp\forum3.sqlite (Windows 7)
my new Sqlite database is www/myBB_1.8/forummyBB.sqlite

Now I begin Merge System : localhost/myBB_1.8/merge/index.php

When I'm on 'FluxBB Database Configuration' and select SQLITE3 , /tmp/forum3.sqlite, nothing for table_prefix and no encode for UTF-8, I click next and I have the error :


There seems to be one or more errors with the database configuration information that you supplied:

Could not connect to the database server at '' with the supplied username and password. Are you sure the hostname and user details are correct?

I was thinking that sqlite base have not need of user details ?

What's the bug and how could I fixe it, please ?
The error message is a general one and is always used when the connection failed (no matter whether it's an issue with username/password or with the host).

You should use the full path for SQLite, in this case "C:\tmp\forum3.sqlite".
Sorry Jones H. I've tried :

always the same error Sad
Seems like you found an issue then. I can't test it atm, probably someone else could help you.

BTW: would you send me your database for testing purposes?
OK ... thanks again. Send you a PM with link to my SQLITE 3 base Wink
Got it, I'll test it later today. Thanks for it.
Got it working. You need to do a few edits to get the merge System working:

open /merge/resources/class_converter.php, search:
if(!$connection || $connection == -1)
and replace with
if(!$connection || $connection === -1)

Next open /merge/resources/modules/threads.php, search:
and add in a new line after that:

Last open /merge/boards/fluxbb/posts.php, search:
$insert_data['message'] = encode_to_utf8($this->bbcode_parser->convert($data['message']), "posts", "posts");
and add after that:
if(strlen($insert_data['message']) > 65535)
	$insert_data['message'] = substr($insert_data['message'], 0, 65532)."...";

It worked for me after that changes.
I'm so sorry, Jones H. I've made the 3 modifications :

1 - posts.php :
76 - $insert_data['message'] = encode_to_utf8($this->bbcode_parser->convert($data['message']), "posts", "posts");
77 - if(strlen($insert_data['message']) > 65535)
78 - {
79 - $insert_data['message'] = substr($insert_data['message'], 0, 65532)."...";
80 - }
81 - $insert_data['ipaddress'] = my_inet_pton($data['poster_ip']);

2 - threads.php :
40 - public $integer_fields = array(
41 - 'import_tid',
42 - 'import_poll',
43 - 'import_firstpost',

et 3 - class_converter.php :
137 - // -1 is returned if we can connect to the server but not to the database
138 - //if(!$connection || $connection == -1) YESS !!
139 - if(!$connection || $connection === -1)

But :
The FluxBB 1 database could not be found in 'c:\tmp\forum3.sqlite'. Please ensure FluxBB 1 exists at this database and with this table prefix.

It' better but not yet perfect Wink
Good night tomorrow will be fine as said Leonard Cohen Wink
Have you cleared the table prefix field after you changed the db engine to sqlite?
Yes yes yes !!

... but ... must clean a cache or somethings else ?
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