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Full Version: Can't log IPs
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Hi guys,
My forum do not log IPs. I don't know the reason. I worked fine before the upgrade.

[image removed]

If this helps, I had an error on registration page when people press Submit:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function json_last_error() in /home2/[removed]/inc/class_stopforumspamchecker.php on line 103
I fixed it by disabling this option: Check Registrations Against
Have you also seen this thread?
(2014-09-19, 08:21 PM)dragonexpert Wrote: [ -> ]Have you also seen this thread?
No I didn't, sorry.

What about the error with stopforumspam
There are a few known issues with StopForumSpam, but I have never seen that one before. Which version of PHP are you using?
MyBB Version 1.8.0
PHP Version 5.2.17
SQL Engine MySQLi 5.5.39
json_last_error() used here is unfortunately PHP 5.3.0+ as the documentation states. And since we support 5.2.0+, it should be replaced with something else in 1.8.1
Thank you for the information!
Should I ask my host to upgrade it? (HostGator)

What other problem I could get if I use my actual version?
Ah, I'll have to see if there's an alternative. I didn't realise json_last_error was 5.3+, that's pretty useless.
I also get this error during member registration.
I have not been able to add new members since I installed 1.8.

So I understand correctly... Is member registration broken presently in 1.8?
(2014-10-03, 10:47 PM)amanda2014 Wrote: [ -> ]So I understand correctly... Is member registration broken presently in 1.8?

No. Stop Forum Spam feature is broken and should be fixed in 1.8.1.
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