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Which templates do I have to edit in or to add thisĀ , on the right here
first image belongs to header_welcomeblock_member template and second image is for the nav template
what exactly you want to do ?
I want to display that whole welcome block, but have it appear on the right side of the second image. Like this, [Image: preview_84715_1409622909_cac86cf08ff504f...2f64d4.png]

Except have it on my breadcrumb.
you can adjust them as you like through modifying code in header template

you have to modify appearance of below code segmnets for MyBB 1.6.x
<div id="panel">

for MyBB 1.8 the code segments are {$welcomeblock} and <navigation>
So {$welcomeblock}, does that include the "Welcome back __"? Cause if it does, I don't want that. Then I would be looking for how to edit the {$welcomeblock} itself.
^ yes, welcome back greeting is included in the {$welcomeblock}
Ok then I don't want that. I only want the "user cp", "admincp", and "modcp" links.

I still need help with this.
I still need help with this.
learn html .. that would help loads
(2014-10-10, 02:12 AM)JimR Wrote: [ -> ]learn html .. that would help loads

Please refrain from posting a reply unless you have something useful to say, the support is already slow and I don't need useless comments like this. Thanks.
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