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Full Version: Quick Editor Doesn't Work
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There might be some Javascript conflicts I don't really know. But either sending a message through quick editor or deleting a post don't seem to work. I click the button but nothing happens, until I refresh the page. (Both tested on untouched default theme and my own one.) So, I will give you a link here, if you want to test by yourself.

ID: testuser123
Pass: 123456

You don't have a space in this line
<script type="text/javascript"src=""></script>
should be
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
Nope, didn't work :/
Seem for me that this is a SCEditor plugin question.
So what should I do? What causes this problem?
Try first to deactivate SCEditor plugin, and see if the stock editor works good.
You mean quick advanced text editor ? I don't have any other plugin for editor, and I also tried deactivating that plugin but didn't work.
Perhaps I'm wrong, but I get the
bbcodes_sceditor.js from your site
It's the default one. I didn't install any plugin. Btw, I can understand if there is a problem with editor but what about not working quick delete button ?
I hope that someone with a better knowledge can give you an answer, but the code I get when I enter your site, and try to answer, is that you DO have a plugin, and as I told, the javascript from SCEditor is loading.
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