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Full Version: Forum has been hacked!
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My forum Gen Lounge has been hacked.
I created the forum, and i've been banned:
[Image: 70fda52ec5f26a0cfa33240ae5673654.png]

So you need help gaining access again? Why wasn't you a super admin?
nth, I have gained access. Just wasn't prepared to have my forum destroyed.
Right. Do you have any plugins?
nth, I do. But I'm sure they were safe.
Do you have web logs to see if they exploited it? Checked the admin logs? If none of those, they could've just bruted your db or an exploit not related to MyBB.
Thank you nth, I'll check that out. Lucky for me I backed up everything including theme hours before it happened.
Only for curiosity: you have some shoutbox installed on your forum? Do you manage server/vps?
Niere8, Nope. The shoutbox was dvzshoutbox something like that.
Check error logs and admin logs, might be a corrupt staff or so? Changed your password? Recovered?

I don't think it's hacked, i am sure DVZ Shoutbox is safe..
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