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Full Version: Stop Forum Spam
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On v6.15 I was using the Stop Forum Spam plugin and after upgrading to 1.81 I switched to using the integrated SFS feature. Now what seems strange is that in the past (6.15 + plugin) I saw several dozens of denied spam registrations in the sfs_log.php every day. After switching to the integrated one I don't see a single entry in the ACP > Tools and Maintenance -> Spam Log. I believe I have enabled it properly (checking is enabled, Log StopForumSpam blocks=YES)
So is it really working? How to check?
If you're using 1.8.0 (SFS is broken in it), make sure to upgrade to 1.8.1. Also, check if logging is enabled in settings.
^^ I'm using v1.8.1 and Log StopForumSpam blocks=YES
What are you checking and what's your confidence? Forum URL?
I just registered and have been considered a spammer, can you check the log? If I'm there (E-mail from SFS database starting on b), it means that you either have no spambot registration or they're blocked by other anti-spam measures beforehand.
Yep, barrelfulylocju is there Smile
So it works ! Thanks !