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Full Version: Vanilla 2.1 to Mybb
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Trying to merge a Vanilla forum 2.1 into mybb 1.8 and when i do the database settings it keeps giving me the error message of:


There seems to be one or more errors with the database configuration information that you supplied:
  • The Vanilla 2 database could not be found in 'xxxxxxxxxxx. Please ensure Vanilla 2 exists at this database and with this table prefix.
Once the above are corrected, continue with the conversion.

However my details are correct that ive put in. Database name, user, password and host are correct.

Anyone else had this issue? Am i missing something obvious?


Could you look in your database (via phpmyadmin) and look at the table names? Usually they should start with "gdn_" which is the default table prefix. If they start with another prefix you need to change that in the database configuration page.
Checked, there listed as GDN_ so that was correct too. Changed them to caps in the settings too and hasnt made a difference. Still getting the error.
Is you host "localhost"? If not it can be that mysql is configured to reject the connection.
No, ive got that set to the address its meant to be. 😕
Hmm, I'm not aware of any issues with the db configuration. I'm not at home atm but I'll try to write a little script layer today which throws a more detailed error.
Ok! Thanks for that!! Appreciate the help. Smile
Can you remove Line 125 from /resources/class_converter.php? That should show a little more detailed error though it's still a MyBB one.
It doesn't show anything extra for me., same error message
Can you put the following in a new file "db_test.php" in your merge folder and access it afterwards?

$link = @mysqli_connect('your_host', 'your_user', 'your_password', 'your_databasename');

if (!$link) {
    die('Connect Error: ' . mysqli_connect_error());
} else
    echo "connected";

Edit the first line to include your credentials. That should throw the error php receives.
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