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Full Version: More Smileys Box
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Hello everyone!

On my forum (, when I clic on "Get more" for smileys nothing happened!

I use Mybb 1.8.1, I have two themes (Default and a other), I reinstall Mybb, verify the cache and files on the database, but nothing change...

What can I do for resolve that problem?



In cause, a plugin: Annoucement GO
If you pm me a test account with username and password, I will check it out. And I will respond back to this thread with my findings.
Thank you!

I send you a private message.
Hi, it is missing or has a flawed javascript call because the link is a modal popup, I'm working on a solution right now, but it may take a while for me to find the proper template to edit, as I check the templates on my own site that calls the function, patience please, thanks.
I will report back to this thread.

Hi, go to temlates >Smilie Inserter Templates > smilieinsert_getmore

replace all with:

<td class="trow2" align="center"><span class="smalltext"><strong>[<a href="javascript:MyBB.popupWindow('/misc.php?action=smilies&popup=true&editor=MyBBEditor')">{$lang->smilieinsert_getmore}</a>]</strong></span></td>

Hey, when you save it, then make sure you clear your browser cache immediately afterwords, then try your smilies [get more] again,

then please let me know how it goes!

It doesn't work, I'm redirected to the 404 page.
Hi, no big deal, go back to the template, click options, and revert, that will revert the code back to the original template, and it might even fix the issue, keep us updated.
No changes...
Hi, did you revert the template?
Yes I did.
(2014-10-28, 09:32 AM)Versi Wrote: [ -> ]Yes I did.

Okay good, now let me take a look at the code of the reverted template.
post it right here please
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