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Full Version: forum hacked
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holy crap. Hey i heard about wober. Im sorry you got attacked..
I had the same thing Theezy. Luckly since I saw Wober hacked, I backed up my database.

But for me it said Spook and Shade were here: We hate indians!

These are the culprits:

I've pinned down their IP's if you want them, PM me.
Team Alboraaq is also a community forum, nigerian hackers.
And the ironic thing is, they are using cloudflare to protect their own site from hackers.

if running cpanel, use the security feature on cpanel that country blocks and block nigeria.
Good tracking them down francis.
Francis, you should post their Ips publicly because we should all know, so we can block them via


order deny,allow
deny from
deny from
deny from
allow from all

or better yet, Dragon stated we can report them to their ISP
Can you list the plugins you have installed and which version of MyBB you are using? This helps so we can look more thoroughly at plugins if the plugins are on our mods site.
I would say block the ip:

That's the IP they hit me from Shade and Spook or whatever these losers call themselves.

Hours before they were on my Online Users constantly, not a second off and they were in a "unknown location"
i have determined that thier location maybe in lansing, michigan
I did not create this topic, they got into my account here too somehow.
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