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Full Version: Just HACKED AGAIN
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I just got hacked again.

I'm even locked out of my damn ftp.

Anyway I can get restored I dont have a recent database.
oh crap francis
You got hacked a couple of days ago and still no recent database this time around?
I got a two hour old one an Admin sent me. But I need support on this, they hacked my cpanel and ftp.
You should send a support ticket to your host.
These people must be acquaintances of yours or something to get that piece of convo?
When do you think it will be back up? Or are you even able to recover? And who did this? I am so sorry this happened...
We will recover.
francis ..that is why i said few days ago, to make a backup site in case..i think it would be in best interest to followup on that
Be back up in a couple hours
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