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Full Version: Expand long quotes
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Keep good work, good luck Wink
this script may be used until someone provides a simple solution
include readmore.js in headerinclude template and add the function for blockquote element with required height
(2014-12-09, 07:54 AM)mmadhankumar Wrote: [ -> ]yes... as i said its the simplest way we can do it... can be made better by sprinkling few jquery and making the slide smooth and as you said, change the "click to expand" to "click to hide"... and modify the css...

i hope someone fork my fiddle and improve it.. i will try it as well...

Still is it really useful to make a "Click to hide"?
Like, will anyone actually click it.
Good job guys. Could you make final version of this? - adjust css (colors, table, ...) etc. I also like the script from .m. - I will look and try
My entry Smile

Also changes text in the clicked on div.

If you have more than one on a page then all will open; this might be useful.... Otherwise, use an id or Rakes' code which is much better than mine.
With Leefish's Script (Toggle):
With Rakes' Script (Disappear):
(2014-12-09, 11:31 AM)mmadhankumar Wrote: [ -> ]With Leefish's Script (Toggle):
With Rakes' Script (Disappear):

Stupid macbook can't write brackets for some reason so took a bit longer.
Very nice Rakes Big Grin
Yea I prefer writing minimalistic.
It looks fantastic! Any ideas what to improve? I think it is perfect Wink
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