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Full Version: Expand long quotes
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(2016-04-28, 09:39 PM)Eldenroot Wrote: [ -> ]I use version from @Rakes - works fine for everything.

Rakes version works great with nested multiquote. Thank you again.
@Rakes solution is best ( post no 25, , However It miss the "Show less" option.
Has someone has add that feature in Rakes solution ? @Eldenroot ?
there is a working example few pages back
I saw them one of them is not working for multiple quotes, while other requires to edit template or code to add surrounding div with specific class.
(2015-01-15, 05:48 PM)Eldenroot Wrote: [ -> ]So just add these css into global.css and script into header?


I'm still "fairly" new to getting my hands "dirty" and customizing my forum. Can you be more specific as to where "header" is, please?
ACP -> Themes and Templates -> Your theme -> headerinclude template
(2017-10-14, 06:55 AM)Eldenroot Wrote: [ -> ]ACP -> Themes and Templates -> Your theme -> headerinclude template

Confused  I dare to say that per the path from fresh 1.8.x installs is

ACP -> Templates and Styles -> Templates -> <your template> -> Ungrouped Templates -> headerinclude
This feature is LONG OVERDUE.
Sorry for necro posting, but I'm trying to implement the same thing

Rakes version vorks fine , but mmadhankumar version not.

either code warapped around <script type="text/javascript"> and inserted into header include

What Am I missing with mmadhankumar verion?


sorted since decided to use Rakes version
snip snip
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