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Full Version: Rate / Quote / Report button not working
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Just realised on my forum that the 'Rate' button stopped working when trying to give reputation, asked a few members to try and all are experiencing the same issue, it did work before I think it stopped working when I upgraded to 1.8.3 however can't be certain that is when it stopped working.

EDIT: Just found out the quote button also doesn't work even though I know it use to and also got a report from a user that the 'report' button does not work either no idea why as pretty sure most of these worked before.
what theme are you using.. its most likely that you are using a theme made for 1.6 which is not compatible with 1.8... find a compatible theme from here:
It is a custom theme developed for my site, I also tested it using the default theme and same issue, so I know it is not the theme.
^ can we have forum url & test user account
does your custom theme or any plugins used on your forum use jQuery and a noconflict script...
Forum Link is test account I will message both of you with it.
deactivate & uninstall MyTabs plugin & remove its files & check referred issues on MyBB stock theme.
show referrals plugin => is it compatible with MyBB 1.8.x ? if not this also needs to be removed.
Ok, will try that tonight after work, thank you
any action which requires javascript (like quote, report, rate, open buddy list, thread modes) is not working on your site.... follow as said above by .m.