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Full Version: Spontaneous Pinterest link?
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Why would this
show up randomly at the end of a few posts and PMs on our forum? It's not there when the posters are writing, as far as they know, but it's visible after they post.

I found it once on here, too.
Quote:I found it once on here, too.

Sounds like it's a browser addon or something you've installed. Can you provide an example URL?
If I quote that post I can see the code, so the user must have posted it. I'm guessing it's some sort of addon they have installed.
Some other details:

This issue did not start happening until we did the upgrade to 1.8.3 from 1.6.? (cannot remember) last week (which makes me think it has something to do with the upgrade). The upgrade was done on a computer that is never used for any kind of social media (not Twitter, not FB, not Pinterest).

It had never happened before. It is not there are all when we go to hit post. It shows up after we click Post. It is *very* random - it does not happen with every post, nor every 3rd post (no pattern). It not only shows up in a regular post, it will show up in a PM as well.

Oddly enough, it started out with it happening to one person, but now it is at least 3 that we know of. The link that you see is the only one turning up and it is for creating a Pin on Pinterest - not a link to a specific pin. Almost like there is something in the upgrade to include a Pin It button.

Hopefully, that helps a bit. And I find it super weird that Fylliska actually found the same thing on a post here in these forums! That tells me the problem is a little more widespread than just our board.
There's nothing in the source code related to Pintrest. Whatever the issue is, it's not coming from MyBB. The fact that it only happens to a few users makes me think it's something a browser extension is including in their forum posts.
I think the common thing we have found, so far, is that we all have the Pin It button in our Toolbars on Firefox (it is a Javascript item).

However, I removed it from mine, cleared my cache, & rebooted my browser only to have it happen again for the first time in about 24 hours (and numerous posts) later. Like I said, it is very random.

And since it actually happened here on the mybb forum, that tells me that there it is not just our forum in particular and that it may well be an incompatibility issue with the Pin It button (that is the only thing I can come up with). However, if that is the problem, then it does probably need to be looked at because there are an awful lot of people with the Pin It button on their browser...
As it has been said above, this has absolutely nothing to do with MyBB. You can google [url=//][/url] to see it happens on other sites too.
Sigh. We are just telling you that this problem did not start UNTIL I upgraded the forum. It had never ever happened before that moment in time (and it started almost immediately after that). That tells me that the 2 are not playing well together for whatever reason. I had already googled it, but thanks.

I am letting Pinterest know of the issue as well.

Obviously, none of us seem to know why this is occurring. I leave that problem to the developers of both products to figure out. If I had the know how, the troubleshooter in me would be trying to replicate it just to see why it is happening (but I am just weird that way, I suppose).

Thank you for your help.
This started happening to me and I too thought it HAD to do with mybb.  It would happen in my signature every time I edited it.  Come to find out it only happened on one computer I used at work that had a pinterest browser extension in firefox.  Even if I edited the signature in IE without the extension it would still happen.  I changed computers and it stopped, so there is a program embedded deep on that computer that is the culprit.  Still trying to find it on the one computer.

Edited to add: After removing from Firefox and restarting the browser (twice) it stopped happening. FYI the extension is called "Pinterest Pin Button 3.50"
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