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Full Version: Suggestion: Ideas Site
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Tikitiki Wrote:People will still get upset.

And you can't prevent that either even without a negative vote system. What you do attempt is fairness and currently the system is slanted for only positive votes without allowing negative ones. I find that balance comes from having both sides...positive and negative. Abuse can definitely happen in a negative vote area but it can also happen in a positive one too. I personally think it's already being abused. My opinion is that the ideas area is quickly turning into a junk post area. Ideas are being frivalously posted one after another without any moderation. It just pushes the good ideas down and they never get voted. There should be negative votes and if X negatives are given then the topic automatically closed. It can be 5 or 10 or even 20 but it could happen.

I see the ideas area as something done to the bare minimum. If features can't be added because mybb team is busy with mybb then that's 100% acceptable. If however the mybb staff feels the ideas area in it's current state is ideal then I don't agree. Everything can be improved. As a matter of fact that's the point of the ideas area to begin with.

btw....was it written from scratch? Any chance the mybb team will release the code? <-- We'll definitely do a lot of moderation on the ideas site.
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