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Full Version: Breaking /me
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* Tom K.
* Ircher is glad there's a new /me thread
* Ircher thinks the other thread should be close to encourage this thread
* Ircher wants this to also be a sticky
* Tom K. will not be part of a coup d'etat
Stop. Breaking. Things -.- especially the parser Big Grin
* Ircher asks why we cannot have a second /me thread?
(2015-02-19, 10:38 PM)Ircher Wrote: [ -> ]* Ircher asks why we cannot have a second /me thread?

The /me thread is something of a historical document for MyBB. It's practically the Magna Carta. It contains all the history of MyBB, the thoughts and dreams of it's users...
You can actually find a lot of history in that. The Ghazal days are my favourite from the thread.
* Ircher didn't say to delete it
* Ircher only wanted a new thread since the other was so long
The original /me thread was actually deleted by accident IIRC.
* Ircher wishes you used only the most common abbreviations that 95% of everyone would know.
* Ircher doesn't know what IIRC stands for
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