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Full Version: XEM Fast Reputation 1.6
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Update 1.3 (build #5)

  • fixed error in add reputation (detected in version 1.2)
  • added showing who liked posts (giving +1) (screen in attachment)
  • minor code improvements

To update: overwrite plugin file (inc/plugins/xem_fast_rep.php), plugin language files and reinstall plugin in ACP! Next, add CSS rule (.liked_this) from css.txt to global.css

Update is available in MyBB Mods and GitHub.
Well if the post is "-4" I doubt it was "liked" by those users. Toungue
seems like the like system that we had for 1.6
thank you
(2015-03-16, 01:29 PM)Omar G. Wrote: [ -> ]Well if the post is "-4" I doubt it was "liked" by those users. Toungue

Post in attached screen have a 4 positive reputation points Smile "-" is a button,  allows cancel vote by logged user.
#edit: Plugin shows users in 'who like post' only if user gives a positive reputation.

My alerts will be integrated to the add-in? (I'm sorry for my bad English)
  • You are not escaping the title and description of the setting group (not a big deal).
  • $pids will not be set if the thread view is on threaded display (showthread.php::L#802
Hmm, MyAlerts is compatible with MyBB 1.8? I must check how work it.

@Omar G.
Thanks, I'll fix this in the next release.

Fixed version now is available in GitHub and MyBB Mods.
Hi XemiX,

i've installed your plugin but it doesn't work. I've installed the last release, everything is done as is explained in the readme.txt.

My server used an higher version of php 5.4.

I see just the grey "like" counter - (i think in the wrong position) - at the end of each post. Please, see the attached screenshot.

Thank much for your help!  Smile
You can't add reputation to your own posts .
You allow positive and negative reputations in reputation settings ACP?

Position of buttons you can change adding CSS rule for span about ID = #xem_fast_rep for example in global.css Smile

#edit: iturdu is right Smile
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