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Full Version: XEM Fast Reputation 1.6
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Solved. Thanks @iturdu and @XemiX! :-)
(2015-03-21, 12:07 PM)Weiss Wrote: [ -> ]Solved. Thanks @iturdu and @XemiX! :-)

always welcome

I got an error on the AJAX request, my DB is very strict \o/.

1364 - Field 'comments' doesn't have a default value

So I think you'll just have to add an empty string for the comment to solve it.

EDIT : Yep, adding an empty string as comment fixed it. Anyway, I'll send you a pull request on GitHub as I changed some things and it may improve the plugin Smile.

EDIT2 : Pull request sent ! It includes the fix for the error.
Version 1.4 /26-03-2015/

- fixed error in register new accounts
- fixed SQL error in some servers configurations
- added small optimization in plugin
- added automatically adding variables in templates
- added French language

UPDATE: uninstall plugin, delete variables in postbit and postbit_classic ($post['xem_fast_rep']), overwrite files and install the plugin. Done Smile 

Update is available in MyBB Mods and Github

Thanks for Moonlight-Angel for report and fix SQL error. 
Some more optimisations can be made:
- - 1 query, not needed at all, $post['fid'] can be used below instead:
- - another query, I don't see any purpose of it. If you want to check if it's a post made by guest/deleted user, just check $post['uid'] - always 0 in these cases
- and few more similar lines - why not simply return false there?

And bugs:
- I found a possible SQL injection - it's taken care of MyBB core, but I think it should be corrected nonetheless (to be more safe), will PM you with more info
- - $uid is undefined, $post['uid'] should be used

And a suggestion:
- move HTML to templates so that the file doesn't need to be edited
Version 1.5 /15-04-2015/ (build #8)

- added many optimizations in plugin
- moved HTML to templates from plugin core
- fixed small bugs
- added the ability configuration to change and cancel the votes

UPDATE: uninstall plugin, overwrite files and install plugin. Next add in for example global.css:
.positives {
	background: #148c00;

.negatives {
	background: #8c0000;

Update is available in MyBB Mods and Github

Thanks for Destroy666 for suggestions and help Smile
Can you add css for square theme ?
css is the same for all themes
(2015-04-23, 06:20 PM)Supryk Wrote: [ -> ]css is the same for all themes

No on square theme
(2015-04-23, 06:57 PM)nette18 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2015-04-23, 06:20 PM)Supryk Wrote: [ -> ]css is the same for all themes

No on square theme

You have to apply the CSS edit on the global.css for each theme. Each theme have its own global.css

If you're too lazy, you could try creating a new stylesheet with the content required for the XEM Reputation plugin, and it should add it to all theme. not 100% sure though.
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