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Full Version: Hide Tags modification/plugin!
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Why another? Because most of the others didn't work for multi-quotes, posts overview (on post reply) etc.


When the [hide] tag is used in posts, only admins, the post owner, super moderators, and those who have replied to the topic are able to see the hidden content (the one that's between [hide] and [/hide]).
  • Adds [hide] tags to quotes (while replying), when the user can view the post.
  • Works its magic on quick multi-quote posts.
  • Removes hidden content from searched posts.
  • Does the required replacement on post overview (when replying)

Installation instruction and download:

Enjoy ..
it's working good here, but the hiden contnent it's showing in quick qoute!
Have you edited the file xmlhttp.php correctly?
Yes I did, I Just replaced "echo $message;" with "echo ht_xmlhttp_quote($message);"

is that right?
Yes, well can you give me an example topic and I will create an account to test it.

Because if you're using MyBB 1.2.3 and have made the modification in correct place of xmlhttp.php, the only error could be that you are using a user that is either an admin (can access cp), a super mod, topic starter, or has replied to the topic.
I have just tested it using a new account "asadkn", clicked on the quote button, and clicked "load quoted posts", and it showed me this:

[ quote=Pepo ]
This is a hide contnent test

[ /quote ]

so it's probably working alright. Create a new account and test it for yourself.
oppsssssssss, yes I was wrong...... ther is 2 lines have the same "echo $message;"
I replaced it with the wrong one,
thnx dude....
ohh and just found a bug that I fixed it. Only "Quick Edit", it was showing the [hide] tags to moderators too or anyone with edit permissions. Not really that it matters to everyone, but it matters to me, so I have updated the zip file and instructions.

and Glad to know it worked for you, pepotiger, and thanks for testing.
thnx dude, I Have a little question..

If I want to replace the "Hidden Content:" word with a picture.. I can just replace that line
$replacement = "<span id='hidden-text'><strong>Hidden Content:</strong></span><br />
$replacement = "<img src='images/hidden2.jpg' alt='UnHidden Content (reply to view)' /><br />

is that wight?
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