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Full Version: Make Upload Center Like This
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Dear Help Me.
I want make Upload Center In Mybb Like This In screenshot. And See Link

How about:

AdminCP -> Forums & Posts -> Attachments

Choose number per page and "Find Attachments".
i want make page like this.members upload software like this
You mean that you want this option made available to your members (where it is now restricted to the AdminCP)?

When this is what you want indeed, I can give it a try provided that you are not in a hurry.

Where do you want that users can request the attachment list?

Another question. In your example there are the following columns"
  • File name
  • Category
  • Downloads
  • Size
  • Date
  • User Name
In addition to some icons which I don't understand. Within MyBB there is no Category for attachments, so this has to be dropped. Or do you have another suggestion?

Also, the symbols at the start of the lines (see attached) suggest that these are folders which can be unfolded. What does this mean?
i want plugin like this see link

i pay for it my budget is $10
(2015-08-08, 05:14 AM)Khankharor Wrote: [ -> ]i want plugin like this see link
i pay for it my budget is $10

I told before that some things are not possible within MyBB. A category is not stored for attachments, so this can also not be shown.
What can be shown is:
  • link to the attachment;
  • size;
  • number of downloads;
  • link to the thread in which attachment was posted;
  • link to the poster profile;
I'm not interested in money, this is a hobby.
Ok I want to like this please
Ad - feel free to look at how I did this (usercp)
(2015-08-09, 09:06 AM)Leefish Wrote: [ -> ]Ad - feel free to look at how I did this (usercp)

OK, thanks fisherman Big Grin .

But do you list then all the attachments on the board, like the overview in AdminCP does?
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