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Full Version: [HELP]MyBB 1.8 latest version NEWBIE
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Hi im 100% New in forum.
i already follow the installation procedures.
and 100% working no error.
but my other admin account is
Banned by Guest. but when i see it in admincp> Users&Group>  Banning i dont see any banned account.

[Image: oadrmt.png]
how to protect my forum website 1.8? thanks

want to visit this is my site:
im using xampp 1.7.1 for root folder htdocs of MyBB .
using MySQL latest version.
Windows Server 2008 r2 Standart OS
You fixed the problem? I visit his profile and he isn't banned
i dont fixed anything.
but when i login the Developer account
your account is banned. dont know why.

and if i register new account the email activation doesnt send to my email.