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Full Version: I it possable to use myphpbb themes or convert
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Is it possable to use myphpbb themes or convert them ot work on mybb?
You can convert them to work on mybb but only with permission of the theme author.
Thanks for the reply.
My next question is how ?
You'll have toask the developer if its okay to use his/her template and convert it so it'll be compatible with myBB. Wheh you goto and find the style you like you'll be taken to a page and on that page there will be details of the template and the authors username, all you do is either email or PM the author.

I did the same thing, as I am converting the iCGStation skin for MyBB. And the developer for that skin aloud me to convert it but not release it for other users of MyBB.
How to convert it tho?